Ballard Tow Truck


A trusted name in tow truck service for Ballard, WA since 1982, we are ABC Towing. Family owned and operated, we take pride in giving some of the best towing service possible at an affordable rate. With our team of friendly call takers, professional tow operators, organized response team, and heavy duty tow trucks, there is not a towing situation that we are not ready for.

The main goal of our towing company is to provide quality, fast, and reliable towing service for the Ballard customer’s satisfaction. We are very proud to say that our towing company is one of the best in providing towing service here in Ballard.

Our towing company uses only tow trucks that are in pristine condition. Operated by skilled tow operators, there isn’t a Ballard vehicle that can’t be towed.

Our towing company offers the following services for Ballard:

  • Vehicle winching
  • Vehicle jumpstarting
  • Gas and fuel delivery
  • Unlocking accidentally locked vehicle doors
  • Tire changes

Ballard Towing


Fast and friendly service is what we provide our Ballard customers with here at our towing company. Starting with our team of efficient call takers to take note of your tow situation to maximize efficiency and send out the most appropriate tow truck for the tow job.

Our towing company can handle the most difficult tow jobs in Ballard imaginable. There is not a tow job that our variety of tow trucks cannot tow. We have the perfect tow truck for all specific tow needs. Plus, with our resourceful and professional tow team and tow operators, we guarantee to deliver you the roadside assistance that you need fast and in the highest possible standard.

Our towing company only provides Ballard customers with:

  • The most appropriate tow truck for the job
  • A professional team of resourceful tow respondents
  • 24/7 response to emergency calls and tow needs
  • Our fastest and best quality tow service

Ballard Tow


Not every situation is the same. The type of tow truck varies with the size of vehicle that needs towing. We have the right tow truck for every situation in Ballard. Our tow trucks are well maintained and conditioned to withstand the harshest of weather and heaviest of loads. Our tow trucks are guaranteed to be there to attend to your immobile vehicle.

We guarantee you service that would have:

  • The perfect tow truck for the job
  • Fast rescue to the area where your vehicle stalled
  • Trained professional tow handlers
  • 24/7 response team