South Seattle Private Property Impounds


ABC Towing is a company offering reliable and quick tow services while adhering to the local laws and ensuring the safety and convenience of its clients in South Seattle.

We are fully equipped to tow vehicles of various sizes and types, and our services can be hired in case you require roadside assistance in case of a flat tire or lockout.

We are well aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to the private property impounds in the South Seattle area.

Our knowledge and experience make us one of the most trusted and well recognized names when it comes to hiring private property impounds services in South Seattle for safeguarding your property and ensuring a clean and presentable appearance of your property.

South Seattle Private Property Towing


By looking for a company providing private property towing, South Seattle residents can save themselves a lot of inconvenience at the time of emergency. We at ABC Towing are authorized and certified to tow any vehicles which might be improperly parked on a private property, as per the request of the property owner.

Our team includes professionals who have immense knowledge and experience to deliver unmatched private property towing services to our South Seattle clients. Reasons which make our towing services so popular include:

  • Reliable and honest company
  • Services provided round the clock
  • Efficient and knowledgeable workforce

South Seattle Towing


A vehicle which is improperly parked on someone else’s private property can become a major concern for the property owner, leading to inconvenience and safety issues. Towing such a vehicle is important to maintain the appearance and safety of the property.

As property owners in South Seattle have already so many issues to take care of, getting into parking conflicts can take up a lot of their time, besides causing them inconvenience.

At ABC Towing our services are aimed at keeping our clients safe by delivering quick and efficient towing services on time. When a vehicle is towed the towing charges are required to be paid by the owner of the vehicle, thus saving the property owner from bearing any unwanted expenses.

If there is an unauthorized vehicle parked on your property in South Seattle, then all you are required to do is notify us at the given number and our tow operator will reach you in the quickest possible time to help you get rid of the problem.

Feel free to give us a call at (206) 682-2869 and get rid of parking worries.