Ballard Junk Car Removal


If you have a discarded vehicle on your property, it is time to call ABC Towing for junk car removal services. Our company provides professional car towing services for diverse situations that call for the use of a tow truck.

Junk car removal from Ballard, WA properties is a job we are well equipped to handle. Whether you find yourself stuck with a vehicle left behind by the previous owners of your property or want to get rid of your own old, abandoned vehicle, we are the junk car removal experts to call.

Our towing employees are experienced in handling scrap-worthy vehicles. When you call us for junk car removal services in Ballard, rest assured that the vehicle will be hauled away:

  • As fast as possible
  • In a smooth, well-organized manner
  • Without damage to your property or bodily injury to anyone

Moreover, you can count on us for an affordable towing service cost.

Ballard Affordable Towing


We offer affordable towing services in Ballard for any vehicles no matter their condition! If you have a vehicle or two lying deserted and unclaimed in or around your property for quite a long time, do not hesitate to call for our car towing services.

An abandoned vehicle is a nuisance, whether it is on your commercial property or in front of your home. It:

  • Reduces the curb appeal of your property
  • Blocks and wastes important parking space
  • May hamper movement in and out of your property

Our affordable towing rates allow you to take care of these issues. Call us now to schedule abandoned car towing services.

Ballard Car Towing Services


Founded in 1982, our family owned and operated company has grown to become one of the best places to call for car towing services in the Ballard area, especially for abandoned or junk car removal.

We offer 24/7 car towing services, employ licensed tow operators and maintain state-of-the-art equipment to haul all vehicles, big or small. We ensure that our customers:

  • Get the towing job scheduled at their convenience
  • Receive extremely professional car towing services
  • Are spared any hassle or stress all through the job
  • Provide towing services at affordable towing costs

ABC Towing is the #1 choice for quick, efficient and affordable towing services in Ballard. Call us at (206) 682-2869 for abandoned or junk car pickup.