Mountlake Tow Truck


ABC Towing is a licensed, family-owned tow truck company that has been towing vehicles since 1982. We aim to provide fast, reliable and unmatched service for all your vehicle towing needs. We take pride in being one of the best towing services forMountlake, WA.

We also pride ourselves on always providing a fast response to your everyday towing needs. For each client, we provide a well-equipped tow truck that can tow virtually all kinds of vehicles in Mountlake atan affordable rate. Our towing services include:

  • Mountlake tow service for fast response times
  • Towing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Heavy-duty tow trucks and skilled tow operators
  • Affordable tow service rates, depending on tow trucks and vehicle types
  • Quick response by tow trucks and towing teams

Mountlake Towing


Fast and friendly service is what we offer for your emergency towing needs. Our team of tow operators and customer service assistantsfor Mountlake will take care of you. With just a phone call,our tow trucks are ready and you are guaranteed customer satisfaction, no matter how difficult your towing needs may be. With our towing service for Mountlake,you are guaranteed:

  • Friendly operators to talk to
  • Well-maintained tow trucks to tow your vehicle
  • Dependability even in harsh weather conditions
  • Skilled tow operators
  • The promise that we will be there to tow your vehicle, no matter what

Mountlake Tow


Our company provides virtually all types of services with regards to the towing needs of your vehicle. We provide towing services for motorcycles, cars, SUV’s, PUV’s, buses, trucks, and virtually any other vehicle that needs moving. Our tow trucks are ready to take on any challenge. Our tow trucks for Mountlake are well maintained, heavy-duty and guaranteed to tow even heavy vehicles.

We will provide you with the appropriate tow truck for the job, depending on your needs and your vehicle. Our team for Mountlake is more than happy to cater to your every towing demand. But we are not limited to just towing vehicles. Our tow team also provides services such as:

  • Jump-starting your vehicle
  • Winching
  • Lockout services
  • Tire changes
  • Gas and fuel deliveries
  • Skilled mechanics

Our team of tow experts for Mountlake is available around the clock to cater to your towing needs and more. Our towing services are just a phone call away. We at ABC Towing are happy to be of service for you and your vehicle in Mountlake.