Ballard Used Cars

Buy Ballard used cars in WA near 98107

If you plan to buy used cars from a reliable company in Ballard, WA, you should talk to our professionals at ABC Towing. Through our auctions, we have helped residents and business owners by providing them with Ballard used cars.

We have been in business since 1982, and have mainly offered towing services. These towed vehicles are displayed at our auctions, where bidders bid on them.

As a family-owned company, we believe in providing reliable services. So, you will not have to worry about buying our Ballard used cars. Come and view our different array of cars at our Ballard used cars auction, and you can bid on the one you need.

We provide the following Ballard used cars for sale:

  • BMW used cars
  • Cheap used cars
  • Unclaimed cars
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Toyota used cars

Call ABC Towing and buy from our variety of Ballard used cars.

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Ballard Car Auctions

Public Ballard car auctions in WA near 98107

You can now take part in our Ballard car auctions by being a bidder. You need to deposit $100 cash as a deposit to get your bidder number and must possess a valid driver’s license. We conduct Ballard car auctions regularly, so you do not have to be sad about missing out on the previous one because you can come again.

We display cars of different makes and models at our Ballard car auctions so that you can choose from a range of cars. We assure you that the unclaimed or abandoned cars we sell are clean and in good working condition.

As a trusted local company for towing and auctions, you can trust us with transparent prices at our Ballard car auctions.

We offer:

  • Honda car auction
  • Police car auction
  • Online car auction
  • Car auctions near me

Call ABC Towing to visit our Ballard car auctions and go home with a car you will love.

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Ballard Car Auction

Affordable Ballard car auction in WA near 98107

We are an experienced company and ensure that all your dealings will be smooth at our Ballard car auction. If you want to know more about our auction, you can visit our website to check the Ballard car auction date and timing. Our company professionals will ensure you have a great time at our event.

When you come to our Ballard car auction, you can bring an extra guest, but the bidder is solely responsible for their guests. We strictly follow all the rules for the auction, and violation of any rules will lead to removal from the Ballard car auction.

Know more about our:

  • Public car auction
  • Abandoned vehicle auction
  • Unclaimed cars for sale
  • Abandoned cars for sale

Contact ABC Towing for a leading Ballard car auction you can trust.

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