Unclaimed and Abandoned Vehicle Auctions

Our next Auction will be Monday, April 22, 2024 at 1:00pm - Sign-up & Preview @ 11am


1.   All bidders must have a bidder number and a valid driver’s license.

2.   $100 cash deposit required to obtain a bidder number.

3.   Only one guest allowed with each bidder and they must have valid id.

4.   Bidder is responsible for their guest.

5.   All bidders and guests must stay in the auction area.

6.   Viewing or moving around vehicles not on auction or getting inside vehicles will result in removal from the auction and forfeiture of deposit.

7.   Removal of anything from vehicles will result in immediate removal from the yard and possible criminal prosecution.

8.   All vehicles must be removed by 5:00 pm the day of the auction; failure to do so will result in $60.00 per day storage. Vehicles may not be worked on in the yard.

9.   Vehicles cannot be left on the public street.

10.   If ABC Towing re-impounds a vehicle that was bought at our auction and it is still in that bidder’s name, that bidder will be banned from future auctions.

11.   Any high bidder that fails to pick-up a vehicle will forfeit deposit and be banned from future auctions.

12.   No person under the age of 16 will be allowed in the yard.

13.   Absolutely no registered owners or parties that have an apparent interest in vehicles being auctioned are allowed to bid or be present at the auction.

14.   We reserve the right to refuse entry to the auction to any and all persons.

15.   Failure to follow above rules will result in removal from auction and forfeiture of deposit.

All Auctions will be held at 10315 East Marginal Way South, in Tukwila

Parking is very limited at this location and we ask that you DO NOT PARK IN THE TAVERN PARKING LOT to attend our Auctions. We also ask that you DO NOT WORK ON OR LEAVE CARS ON BOEING PROPERTY Violators will be banned from future auctions….


ABC Towing