Ballard Flatbed Towing


When the residents of Ballard, WA need the services of a flatbed tow truck, whether for carrying a damaged vehicle, transporting a classic car or moving specialized equipment, they look for a professional they can trust for totally complaint-free flatbed towing service. They should consider ABC Towing, a reputable flatbed towing service expert that has been in business since 1982.

In us, Ballard residents will find one of the most:

  • Honest and ethical flatbed towing service companies
  • Responsive and customer-friendly flatbed tow truck companies
  • Competent flatbed towing service providers
  • Dedicated flatbed towing companies
  • Affordable flatbed tow truck service providers

We are sure our Ballard customers will be glad they called in our flatbed tow truck operators. And, we are confident of becoming the only company they will want to work with any time they need flatbed towing service in the future.

Ballard Flatbed Tow Truck


Transporting industrial equipment or heavy machinery from one place to another can be tough and hectic. But, Ballard residents have it easy with our flatbed towing service. We offer a powerful and well-equipped flatbed tow truck to make the movement of industrial equipment:

  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Safe

Our flatbed tow truck can pick up equipment from anywhere in Ballard and transport it to the desired location in a very organized, careful and professional manner.

We offer a flatbed tow truck to move almost anything for our Ballard customers. Whether it is an industrial facility that needs our flatbed tow truck to carry large tool chests or a business in need of a flatbed tow truck to transport a large deli counter, our flatbed towing service team can handle it all.

Ballard Flatbed Towing Service


We are focused on providing our Ballard customers with a superior flatbed towing service experience every step of the way. Everyone in Ballard who opts for our flatbed tow truck services receives:

  • Careful attention of skilled flatbed tow truck dispatcher
  • Promptly scheduled flatbed towing service
  • Efficiently and smoothly completed flatbed towing service
  • Helpful and courteous conduct from flatbed towing crew throughout the job

We go all out to take the stress out of our Ballard customers’ flatbed towing needs. Moreover, we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of emergency towing requirements in Ballard.

Ballard residents can call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869 for a flatbed tow truck to transport their vehicles or industrial equipment.