Junk Car Removal Seattle


ABC Towing is a family-owned and operated company that offers a wide range of car towing services in Seattle, including junk car removal. For more than thirty years, we have gained trust by providing residents quick, hassle-free and affordable towing with 24/7 junk car removal services.

Our car towing services are available for most cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Aside from affordable towing, we also offer other vehicle-related services that will address your immediate needs such as:

  • Gas delivery
  • Unlocking cars
  • Battery jumpstarts
  • Winching or lifting vehicles
  • Tire changing
  • All car towing services, including junk car removal

Our car towing services also cover junk car removal in the city streets of Seattle. At our towing company, we understand the need to remove such vehicles to prevent traffic problems and dangers in the streets. With our affordable towing, Seattle residents can call for a junk car removal, and enjoy clean streets in the city.

Affordable Towing Seattle


If you see abandoned vehicles on your Property, call us up for a junk car removal immediately. Here at ABC Towing, we are devoted to satisfying our customers—from the call to the end of your car towing services.

We only hire the best and friendliest receptionists, who will answer your calls right away. Although we provide affordable towing, we assure you that our car towing services such as junk car removal are quickly and efficiently done.

To add to that, we only hire licensed and well-trained tow truck operators who will tow your car safely and bring it to your desired destination. Whether it deals with a new car, abandoned car or if it’s a junk car removal, we offer equally affordable towing to all car towing services.

Aside from removing abandoned vehicles, Seattle residents avail our affordable towing services for the following situations:

  • Car accidents where car towing services are required
  • Vehicular emergencies
  • Impounded vehicles

Car Towing Service Seattle


In addition affordable towing of abandoned cars and junk car removal, we also offer affordable towing of unwanted and unclaimed vehicles. Among our car towing services, this one is especially helpful to the buy-and-sell car industry and establishments with parking lots. Call us up and make use of our affordable towing services today.

In every towing job we do, we ensure that Seattle residents get car towing services that are:

  • Affordable towing
  • Fast car towing services
  • Reliable 24/7 emergency towing and junk car removal

For more information about our affordable towing services, including abandoned or junk car removal, give us a call.