Car or Truck Tow Winching Seattle, Columbia City, Tukwila, Renton, & SeaTac


Vehicles get stuck in compromising positions all the time.

You can get stuck in snow, mud, rain and for other reasons.

Trying to force your way out may fail.

Your back tires can spin, kicking up mud or snow.

This method can burn your clutch and wear your vehicle out.

Save time and energy.

Call ABC Towing for winching service.

Our tow trucks are equipped with powerful winches.

We can pull you out of almost any areas.

Emergency Tow Wenching Seattle, Columbia City, Tukwila, WA


The steel cable will pull you from mud, ditches and snow.

We can pull medium to heavy-duty trucks.

Winching is done carefully and slowly.

Your axle and other parts won’t be damaged.

We keep pulling until you’re free.

Winching can be done with you in or out of the vehicle.

Our tow operators can also pull cars.

Many things can go wrong if untrained folks try to winch your vehicle to safety.

Call ABC Towing instead.

  • Powerful winch systems on each tow truck
  • Safely pulls your vehicle out of harms way
  • Won’t damage any part of your vehicle
  • Removal from snow, mud, ditches and bushes
  • Pulls cars and medium to heavy duty trucks

Winching Safety in Renton & SeaTac WA


ABC Towing practices winching safety.

We make sure our cables aren’t cracked, frayed or kinked.

Using damaged cables can cause them to snap pulling heavy loads.

Not at ABC Towing.

Our cables are strong and durable.

They can pull the weight their built for.

Our tow operators use the safety equipment to complete winching.

These include heavy gloves, pulley block and other parts.

Trust ABC Towing with winching safety.

  • Winching safety practices for your protection
  • Strong and heavy duty cables for pulling
  • Use of proper equipment
  • No frays, kinks or cracks in our cables
  • Won’t snap while pulling your vehicle

Contact ABC Towing for fast and dependable towing.