U Village Tow Truck


Traffic accidents and vehicle damages are, undoubtedly, unexpected. It is impossible to predict them. However, we at ABC Towing offer our quality services to help you with your towing needs in those unexpected situations. We have been providing timely towing solutions to people in unexpected circumstances on the roads of U Village, WA since 1982. Whether you need to drag your car off the road or change a tire, we assure our availability in U Village. Our reliable towing services consist of:

  • Reliable, well maintained tow trucks
  • Professionals with years of experience in the towing business
  • 24/7 availability of tow trucks and tow experts

U Village Towing


Our towing services instill a sense of security and comfort in the minds of people who drive in U Village. They know that our experts will be there whenever they need a tow. Our towing staff is fully equipped and trained to comfortably meet your vehicle’s requirements.

The reliability of tow trucks and tow experts is guaranteed when you need a tow or other towing services. We try our utmost to provide trustworthy tow trucks to carry out various tow services. That is why our towing services are some of the best in U Village.

Our professionals are dedicated to solving your tow problems with the help of powerful tow trucks on the road of U Village. They do not leave any stone unturned in order to make their efforts satisfactory, friendly and affordable. Some characteristics of our tow services are:

  • Fast tracing of locations where tow services are required
  • Coverage of large areas in U Village where we operate
  • Resolution of multiple tow problems from parking to impounds with our reliable tow trucks
  • Tow truck services for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other types of vehicles in U Village

U Village Tow


While traveling, you can face a huge number of vehicle-related problems. Therefore, the availability of a reliable tow truck service is of immense benefit. We are one of the most reliable tow truck services and we take very good care of your vehicle’s tow needs.

Our towing fleet quickly reaches you to resolve your towing problems in U Village. Our tow trucks are not going to add to your worries; rather, they will help you keep going on the road in U Village. So, do not forget the name ABC Towing, because we believe in:

  • Rapid response of tow truck services
  • Addressing multiple tow issues
  • Trust, reliability and hard work