Downtown Seattle Private Property Impounds


Among the roadside assistance and towing services we offer, ABC Towing provides professional private property impounds to Downtown Seattle, WA residents. With private property impounds, we help Downtown Seattle residents resolve problems like:

  • Blocked entries or exits
  • Obstruction of driveways
  • Illegal car parking
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Any type of unauthorized use

When it comes to private property impounds, doing things with great care is important. Towing away a vehicle, even if it is illegally parked, can cause problems. We are well aware of that and know how to deal with things so that any complications can be avoided.

We also understand that your time is valuable and being able to get things done quickly is very important. That is why we are available for private property impounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Downtown Seattle Private Property Towing


Why choose our private property towing services? Because we are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We make it easy and stress-free for private property owners like you to have a safe and accessible parking lot. When you hire our private property towing service in Downtown Seattle, you gain the advantage of our unmatched towing experience and expertise.

We have helped many commercial and residential clients with their private property towing needs, giving them the attention and care needed to achieve their specific goals. With our private property towing services, you will get:

  • Trained drivers
  • The latest equipment
  • Safety protocols

Downtown Seattle Towing


Having someone park their vehicle on your private property can be very frustrating. When this happens, you want to be able to call someone who can quickly tow away the trespassing vehicle. That is where we come in. We are your go-to company for private property towing in Downtown Seattle.

We have skilled technicians as well as all the necessary equipment to handle towing of any type of vehicle, regardless of its make or model. Whenever you need us, just call. We know how important speed is when it comes to vehicle impoundments. No matter what type of vehicle you have found parked illegally on your private property you can count on us for fast, reliable towing services.

We are:

  • A fully licensed company
  • Safety conscious technicians
  • Committed to excellent workmanship
  • Providers of top-notch customer service

For private property impounds in Downtown Seattle, ABC Towing is the name to remember. To know more or to schedule a service, call us at (206) 682-2869.