Downtown Seattle Flatbed Towing


Towing is usually associated with vehicle breakdowns. However, you may sometimes require towing services for transporting your classic car or industrial equipment, which are best moved on a flatbed tow truck.

In Downtown Seattle, WA you can get the flatbed towing service you want from ABC Towing. A flatbed tow truck company that was founded in 1982, we offer expert flatbed towing service for diverse towing purposes, including moving accident-wrecked vehicles, carrying exotic vehicles, and transporting machinery.

Whether Downtown Seattle residents want a flatbed tow truck for pre-planned towing jobs or need emergency flatbed towing service, we are here to help. We assure them of an extremely satisfying and pleasant experience that comes from working with a:

  • Fully licensed and well-equipped flatbed tow truck company
  • Family-owned and operated flatbed towing service provider
  • Reputable flatbed tow truck business with a large customer base in Downtown Seattle
  • Highly experienced flatbed tow truck company with an excellent service record

Downtown Seattle Flatbed Tow Truck


We specialize in flatbed towing service for moving industrial equipment. With our well-maintained flatbed tow truck fleet and wonderful flatbed towing service technicians, Downtown Seattle businesses can be sure that their machinery, equipment and other industrial cargo are in good and dependable hands. We transport all these:

  • Quickly
  • Efficiently
  • Securely and safely

Our flatbed tow truck services in Downtown Seattle are marked by a high degree of professionalism. We value our customers’ trust and respect their investment. We work diligently on every flatbed tow truck job that we take up in Downtown Seattle, going all out to deliver flatbed towing service that is everything that the customer requires and expects.

Downtown Seattle Flatbed Towing Service


We have always worked with the mission to become the first choice of Downtown Seattle residents in need of flatbed towing service. The quality of our flatbed towing service, the fairness of our flatbed towing charges and the friendliness of our customer service are second to none.

Our untiring commitment to excellence has made us the professionals that Downtown Seattle residents happily turn to whenever they want a flatbed tow truck service provider that is:

  • Accessible
  • Responsive
  • Capable
  • Responsible
  • Affordable

We offer 24-hour flatbed towing service so that our Downtown Seattle customers get flatbed towing assistance in a timely manner, right when they need it.

Downtown Seattle residents will find the right solutions to all their flatbed tow truck needs at ABC Towing. Reach us at (206) 682-2869!