Downtown Seattle Emergency Towing


People of Downtown Seattle, WA tend to panic when they get stranded on the road with a stalled or damaged vehicle. Well, there is no need to get alarmed. Just call ABC Towing for emergency tow service.

A fully licensed tow truck company, we specialize in providing emergency towing services. We have been in the tow truck service business since 1982 and our emergency towing experts know exactly how to put the hassled Downtown Seattle customers at ease. Accordingly, every emergency tow service request to our tow truck company is attended to with:

  • Courteous and personalized attention
  • Prompt response
  • Efficient and safe emergency towing
  • Affordable emergency towing pricing

No wonder we have become one of the most trusted sources for emergency towing in the Downtown Seattle area.

Downtown Seattle Emergency Tow Service


Individuals or businesses, no one in Downtown Seattle would want to hire an amateur for tow truck service for their vehicle. Careless or improper emergency towing may end up doing more harm than good.

It is better and safer for Downtown Seattle residents to come to an accomplished and experienced emergency tow service provider like us. We assure them of superior emergency towing and a wonderful emergency tow service experience. This assurance comes on the strength of our:

  • Well-maintained, powerful towing equipment and trucks
  • Qualified, trained and seasoned emergency tow service technicians
  • Service-oriented approach to our emergency towing business

Downtown Seattle Tow Truck Services


We pride ourselves in being a family owned and operated tow truck business focused on delivering emergency tow service that protects its Downtown Seattle customers’ best interests.

In our endeavor to cater to customers’ tow truck service needs in the best possible way, we offer 24/7 emergency tow service. Our emergency towing professionals are here to provide tow truck service for Downtown Seattle residents any time they need it.

As an experienced emergency tow service provider, we know that tow truck service is an essential requirement for our Downtown Seattle customers and they expect us to fulfill it in the shortest time possible. Our tow truck staff works hard to deliver emergency towing service that exceeds the customers’ expectations and:

  • Brings them and their vehicles to safety
  • Saves and protects their considerable investment
  • Restores their peace of mind

Looking for the finest solutions to your emergency tow service needs in Downtown Seattle? Call the ABC Towing emergency towing experts at (206) 682-2869.