Columbia City Private Property Impounds


Illegally and improperly parked vehicles can create a huge problem for businesses, private property owners and homeowners. Not only can access to your property become difficult, it also can result in accidents, endangering lives.

If you live in or operate a business in Columbia City, WA, you do not have to tolerate this complete disregard for parking regulations. You can get the assistance of a company to help you with private property towing and private property impounds in Columbia City, WA. This is where ABC Towing can help you in this regard. Our company specializes in private property towing in Columbia City at extremely affordable prices.

Columbia City Private Property Towing


As a private property owner in Columbia City, you are within your rights to take action against vehicle owners who flout all parking laws and regulations. When you use the private property towing services of ABC Towing, you will eliminate some of the following parking problems.

  • Inoperable and abandoned vehicles
  • Vehicles that are double parked
  • Vehicles that are not parked properly
  • Vehicles that are parked in spaces meant for visitors and residents
  • Vehicles parked in parking spaces reserved for disabled people
  • Vehicles that block access to garages and dumpsters
  • Vehicles that are parked in No Parking zones
  • Unwanted commercial vehicles and RVs
  • Vehicles parked in the Fire Lane

ABC Towing offers prompt, reliable and affordable private property towing services in Columbia City. You will be amazed at our highly professional, courteous and friendly approach to private property impounds.

Columbia City Towing


Our staff is highly trained and skilled at handling the equipment needed for settling parking problems. Further, the company is fully licensed and insured and has in-depth knowledge of the local and state laws. Hence, when you use the company for private property impounds in Columbia City, you never have to worry. The company ensures that all its customers across Columbia City are always protected.

Once you download the Impound Authorization Form from the company’s website and fill it out, you will not have to handle anything. The staff will take care of the private property impounds and you can operate your business or continue your normal life.

This is one of the few private property towing companies in Columbia City that has the necessary approvals for private property impounds in Columbia City. The best part is that the company ensures its customers do not face issues during the towing and impound process, leaving you free to focus on other important matters.

If you are facing parking problems in Columbia City, give ABC Towing a call. Our Columbia City offices are open 24/7, and you can call us at (206) 682-2869. You will be surprised at the quick response time and efficiency. You no longer have to get hassled by vehicles and vehicle owners who have no regard for you and your property in Columbia City. Let the professionals handle the private property towing and private property impounds in Columbia City, while you sit back and relax.