Columbia City Junk Car Removal


Want to get rid of a broken-down vehicle rusting in your yard? Call ABC Towing. Our company offers affordable towing services in the Columbia City, WA area for junk car removal.

Junk car removal is something that most property owners tend to postpone. However, this is not advisable to allow these types of vehicles to remain on your property. Badly deteriorated or junk cars can:

  • Be an eyesore, reducing curb appeal and value of the property
  • Take up valuable parking space
  • Harm the environment by leaking oil and other chemicals
  • Pose safety hazards for kids playing around them

Why put up with such headaches when our professional car towing services are only a phone call away? We provide junk car removal from Columbia City properties at very affordable towing costs and our car towing services are available 24/7. So, you can have your junk car removal needs met without waiting too long or digging too deep into your pockets!

Columbia City Affordable Towing


We also offer our affordable towing services in Columbia City for removing abandoned vehicles. Contact us if you have one or more vehicles standing unused, unattended and unclaimed for a long time on your commercial building parking lot or along the street near your home. We respond to your call with prompt car towing services.

Having any vehicle dumped in or around your property can be a matter of concern. The vehicle could be stolen or it could be causing an inconvenience by blocking dumpsters, entryways or exits. Call us no matter the reason to have the abandoned vehicles removed.

We assure you of affordable towing rates, and also:

  • A well-organized job
  • Quick tow away
  • Safe, damage-free service

Columbia City Car Towing Services


Listed below are some factors that make our company the right choice for car towing services in Columbia City:

  • Certified tow operators
  • Powerful tow trucks
  • Fully licensed
  • Family owned and operated

We realize how valuable parking spaces are and how much of a nuisance junk or abandoned vehicles can be. Because we understand this we offer timeliness and professionalism with our car towing services. Whether you call us for junk car removal or abandoned vehicle removal, we assure you of a fast and smooth towing process.

Looking for affordable towing services for junk car removal in Columbia City? Need high-quality car towing services to get an abandoned vehicle hauled off your property? Call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869.