Burien Motorcycle Transport


Do you need professional help with motorcycle transport or towing in Burien, WA? ABC Towing can help. We are a full-service tow truck company that is equipped to haul vehicles of all types and sizes. Motorcycle transport is one of the jobs we have extensive experience in handling.

There are many instances when you need to get your motorcycle moved from one location to another, but are unable to do so while riding it. That is exactly when you should call us for motorcycle towing services.

In business since 1982, we have successfully arranged motorcycle transport for Burien residents on many occasions, such as when the vehicle:

  • Is wrecked in an accident
  • Breaks down by the roadside
  • Fails to start and needs to be taken from home to repair shop
  • Has to be moved to a new home that is at some distance

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Burien Towing Services


As a family-owned and operated motorcycle towing company, we are very particular about providing seamless towing services for our Burien customers. We are committed to protecting their best interests and make sure that all motorcycle transport jobs are completed in total compliance with the state and municipal laws.

We have invested in state-of-the-art tow trucks and a highly skilled workforce. All motorcycle owners who turn to us for towing services can rest easy knowing that their vehicle is in capable and reliable hands.

Our tow truck operators:

  • Load and unload the motorcycle very carefully
  • Remove the battery and drain the gas tank before towing
  • Secure the vehicle firmly to ensure safe transit
  • Ensure protection of bike seat from damage

Burien Motorcycle Towing


While sometimes motorcycle transport can be pre-scheduled, it may often be required in an emergency. We realize this and offer 24/7 motorcycle towing services in Burien. We are also available around the clock for the best motorcycle roadside assistance in the community.

We make sure that you are not left stranded and helpless on the roadside just because your bike broke down late at night or on a weekend. We provide immediate motorcycle transport to:

  • Restore your peace of mind
  • Bring you to safety
  • Protect your investment

The best part is that we keep the motorcycle towing cost affordable and do not look to profit from your hard luck.

ABC Towing is the most trusted name for motorcycle towing services in Burien. Call us at (206) 682-2869.