Burien Flat Tire


Having a flat or blown out tire is no fun. More so, when the flat tire leaves you and your car stranded along the highway you may be able to do the tire change if you have a spare tire and proper tools in the trunk. Otherwise, you are stuck.

Thankfully, ABC Towing is around to come to your rescue. We offer comprehensive emergency services for roadside assistance. Call us straight away for flat tire service in the Burien, WA area. You are not likely to find someone better than us!

Turn to us for a highly professional flat tire service in Burien that gets you immediate aid without making you pay a lot for the service. Our company has been serving the community since 1982 and has a well-deserved reputation for:

  • Prompt response
  • Efficient service
  • Friendly conduct
  • Reasonable charges

Burien Tire Change


Working professionals, men, women, students, and all others who place a high premium on their safety as well as time should make us their first choice when they need roadside help for tire change in or around Burien.

We have our technicians on call 24/7 to make sure that motorists are assured of quick access to our flat tire service no matter at what time of the day or night they happen to need it. You can rely on us to not keep you waiting long for a tire change and help you resume your journey in no time.

For your peace of mind, we see to it that the technicians dispatched your way for the tire change:

  • Know the area well and reach you ASAP
  • Are clean-cut, respectable and trustworthy
  • Come prepared with the right tools

Burien Flat Tire Service


There are several reasons why you could need flat tire service in the Burien area. A tire blow-out can occur because of driving quite a distance on a rocky, potholed, or damaged road, especially if the tire is old and worn.

Your tire can even go flat suddenly by getting pricked by a sharp metal piece, jagged stone, or nail lying on the road. Whatever your situation, feel free to call us for flat tire service if you are unable to perform the tire change yourself due to:

  • Lack of tools
  • Health problem
  • General reluctance to do the work

Call us for a timely and reliable flat tire service. Need emergency roadside services for tire change in the Burien area? Call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869.