Burien Car or Truck Impounding


Vehicles parked so they block commuters or prove to be a danger for traffic need to be impounded. Sometimes, stolen and abandoned vehicles are left and provide a hazard. They also need to be towed. You need the help of an experienced company that provides impounding for abandoned vehicles

ABC Towing offers quality car or truck impounding services for Burien, WA residents and business owners. As an established and experienced company, we know there can be so many situations when you need a car or truck impounded. You can call us for vehicle impounding when you find vehicles that are parked or abandoned in:

  • Fire zones
  • Handicap zones
  • Middle of a public area
  • Restaurant parking lots

You can trust our skilled and trained crew for thorough car or truck impounding. They are equipped with the best equipment, large and small tow trucks and the certification to carry out the car or truck impounding. We offer impounding services that do not damage the vehicles impounded and that fit within your budget.

Burien Vehicle Impounding


Vehicle impounding needs precision when done but more importantly, it must have all the correct license and certification to legally carry out the impounding needed. We are the local company that as all the required licensing and have the training to precisely and carefully impound vehicles of all types.

We have been offering our vehicle impounding services for Burien residents for a long time. There are various reasons why would a car be impounded and some of these could be:

  • Parking fees not paid
  • Vehicle not mechanically safe
  • Stolen vehicle abandoned on your lot

With us as the company offering vehicle impounding services, you need not worry about anything. We offer hassle-free and affordable services so that you can easily remove vehicles illegally parked or abandoned causing you or your customer's problems.

Burien Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles


There might be several towing companies offering impounds for abandoned vehicles in Burien. However, you need to ensure that you choose the best licensed company for car or truck impounding so that you are assured of meeting all the local regulations. We are the ideal company to handle impounds for abandoned vehicles in Burien as we are:

  • Professionals
  • Certified
  • Recommended

We are proud of our stellar reputation as the company to call in Burien when you need vehicles towed from your premise.

For any questions about vehicle impounding in Burien, call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869.