Renton Flatbed Towing


Flatbed towing deals with transporting goods and vehicles,using a flatbed tow truck. Unlike conventional towing, flatbed towing is considered as a safe means of moving because the large bed of a flatbed tow truck allows damage-free transportation.

Offering proficient flatbed towing service, ABC Towing has become trusted flatbed towing experts in Renton,WA. We make effective use of a flatbed tow truck to ensure your goods or vehicles are loaded and unloaded without any hassle.

If you are looking for flatbed towing professionals in Renton, count on our flatbed towing service. We are committed to delivering the following in Renton:

  • Licensed flatbed towing
  • Reliable flatbed towing
  • Affordable flatbed towing
  • Round the clock flatbed towing
  • Quick flatbed towing

Renton Flatbed Tow Truck


A flatbed tow truck consists of a flatbed instead of a conventional bed. With the help of a hydraulic system, the bed of the flatbed tow truck turns into a ramp. Once the goods are loaded, Renton area operators adjust the hydraulic to raise the bed, thus allowing for the safe transfer of industrial equipment.Other advantages of a flatbed tow truck include:

  • A Renton area flatbed tow truck driver need not accommodate for wide turn
  • Using a flatbed tow truck for flatbed towing does not cause damage to vehicles
  • A flatbed tow truck ensures goods and vehicles reach the destination in a single piece
  • A flatbed tow truck allows quick loading and unloading
  • A flatbed tow truck can carry any automobile and large shipments

Understanding the advantages of a flatbed tow truck, if you are considering getting flatbed towing service, choose us as your local flatbed towing specialists in the Renton area. Our Renton area professionals ensure the safe transport of even bulky equipment.

Renton Flatbed Towing Service


Flatbed towing service is a reliable way to move disabled automobiles and large equipment in Renton.As transporting vehicles and heavy goods can be risky, it is wise to look for experienced flatbed towing professionals in the Renton area.

We make a suitable option when it comes to getting flatbed towing service in Renton. Choosing our flatbed towing service, you can expect the following in Renton:

  • Trusted flatbed towing service
  • Advanced flatbed towing service
  • Experienced flatbed towing service
  • Emergency flatbed towing service
  • Dedicated flatbed towing service

For professional flatbed towing service, Renton residents can call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869.