Renton Private Property Impounds


There is no dearth of vehicle owners in Renton who will disregard all parking regulations. As a result, homes, apartment buildings and businesses may have to face the prospect of vehicles that are improperly or illegally parked.

If you live in Renton and have to face this problem day in and day out, you do not have to sit quietly and accept it. ABC Towing is the perfect solution to your problem. Our company can help you with private property towing and private property impounds in Renton, WA.

Renton Private Property Towing


As a private property owner, you have the right to ask for private property impounds if vehicles are disrupting your daily life or business. Here are some of the private property towing services that ABC Towing offers businesses and property owners in Renton:

  • Illegally parked vehicles in parking spaces reserved for visitors and residents
  • Vehicles that are improperly parked
  • Abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles
  • Double parked vehicles
  • Vehicles parked in Handicapped Only parking spaces without the mandatory placard
  • Unwanted commercial vehicles
  • Vehicles blocking access to the dumpster or garage
  • Vehicles parked in the Fire Lane
  • Vehicles parked in the No Parking zone

Renton Towing


ABC Towing boasts of a highly skilled and trained staff that has the ability to handle private property towing in Renton. Not only is the company fully licensed, it also is insured. When we carry out private property impounds in Renton, we follow all the mandatory local and state laws. As a result, you, the property owner, will always stay protected.

All you need to do is fill out the Impound Authorization Form, which you can download from the company’s website. Fill it in and hand it over to our staff at the Renton office. The rest of the private property towing matters will be handled by the professional staff on your behalf.

It is prudent to remember that vehicle owners who park their vehicles illegally or improperly will never be conducive to a mature discussion about private property towing. They will be rude and demeaning. So, rather than talking to such people, it is best to let a professional handle and resolve your parking problem.

In Renton, ABC Towing is one of the few towing companies that is approved for private property impounds. Our company assures its customers that they will face minimal trouble during the entire private property towing process. In fact, most property owners are not charged.

Call ABC Towing’s Renton office today if you are facing a parking problem due to illegal or improperly parked vehicles. You can call at (206) 682-2869. The professional staff at our Renton office will assist you and guide you correctly through the process of private property impounds. You can rely on our prompt and efficient services for private property towing and private property impounds in Renton to help you out every time and any time.