South Park Vehicle Transport


Need efficient and safe vehicle transport services in South Park, WA for towing your classic car? ABC Towing can help. We are a leading, full-service tow truck company that specializes in transporting high-end as well as classic cars.

You may need tow truck services to transport a classic car in several situations. These might include when you want it taken to your new home, an auto repair shop or a car show venue and back.

No matter why you need help with classic vehicle transportation in South Park, we are the experts to call. We will have your car transported to the desired location:

  • On a powerful, well-maintained flatbed towing truck
  • By licensed and experienced tow operators
  • With very competitively-priced tow truck services

South Park Tow Truck Company


All vehicle owners who happen to need the services of a tow truck company for some reason expect their cars to be transported unharmed. However, owners of classic cars tend to be especially concerned about the wellbeing of their vehicles during the towing process.

Our tow truck company assures South Park residents of completely reliable auto transport services for their classic or vintage cars. We have our towing truck crew work carefully to ensure that the vehicle transport is completed safely and the classic car is unloaded at the destination without damaging its:

  • Exhaust and undercarriage
  • Paint job
  • Frame and alignment

South Park Towing Truck


Are you stressed out arranging safe vehicle transport for your classic car? Don’t be; simply get in touch with us! You will be hard-pressed to find a more competent and reliable towing truck professional in the South Park area than us to move your cherished automobile from one location to another.

With our tow truck company, you can rest easy that your classic or vintage car will get the care and respect that it deserves. We meet your needs for a towing truck in South Park with services that surpass the highest quality standards in the vehicle transport industry.

The towing truck technicians our company serves you with:

  • Are proven pros at transporting and towing antique cars
  • Handle your classic car as lovingly as you do
  • Work with a commitment to protecting your investment
  • Remain extremely diligent all through the job

ABC Towing is the tow truck company South Park residents have trusted since 1982 for moving their classic cars. Call (206) 682-2869 to discuss your vehicle transport needs.