South Park Car or Truck Impounding


It is illegal to park vehicles on private property without the consent of the property owner. Improper use of the handicap zone in parking lots and blocking of fire lanes or access roads is also unlawful. In such situations, the property owners have the right to bring in a towing company for car or truck impounding. They can also call in professionals to make impounds for abandoned vehicles.

ABC Towing is one of the most trusted names for vehicle impounding in the South Park, WA area. We provide car or truck impounding service to residential and commercial clients. We also come in and carry out impounds for abandoned vehicles and wrongly parked vehicles in public places.

We work along a well-defined procedure for car or truck impounding from South Park properties. After receiving a request for vehicle impounding, we send over experienced technicians who:

  • Check the vehicle for a parking violation
  • Take its picture for record-keeping
  • Get car impound authorization form signed by the client
  • Report the impound to concerned authorities

South Park Vehicle Impounding


We ensure that every car or truck impounding job is done:

  • Efficiently
  • In a legally compliant manner
  • With minimal hassle to the property owner
  • Without damaging the impounded vehicle

The skilled vehicle impounding team takes a detail-oriented approach to the job and works diligently to ensure that everything is done as it should be.

Our vehicle impounding services in South Park also include holding the impounded vehicle for up to 30 days in our tow yard. The rightful owner of the vehicle has to pay the car impound fees before redeeming his or her vehicle.

South Park Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles


Abandoned vehicles on private properties or public places spoil the aesthetics of the surroundings, besides creating health, safety, and environmental risks.

We offer expert services for impounds of abandoned vehicles in South Park to get rid of these eyesores and hazards. We can also be hired to handle impounds of abandoned vehicles of all types and sizes.

Our towing company ensures fast, efficient and safe vehicle impounding, whether the abandoned vehicle is junked or in running condition. Our impounds for abandoned vehicles ensure the satisfaction of working with a company that is:

  • Fully licensed
  • Family owned and operated
  • Staffed by certified tow operators
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art tow trucks

Call (206) 682-2869 to hire the experts at ABC Towing for car or truck impounding in South Park.