Lakeridge Vehicle Transport


As the owner of a classic car, you would want to transport it with utmost care and security if you are relocating. You would require the services of a reliable tow truck company that has specialized towing trucks to carry classic cars. ABC Towing offers unprecedented services in vehicle transport for Lakeridge, WA residents.

Being a reliable auto transport company, we provide a host of services besides vehicle transport and these services include:

  • Round the clock towing services
  • Emergency road service
  • Equipment hauling

You can rely on our highly trained and skilled technicians for the vehicle transport of your classic cars without them getting damaged in any way. Our technicians are provided with well-maintained towing trucks that have the necessary accessories to secure the cars properly to the truck promising hassle free transport.

Lakeridge Tow Truck Company


The job of a reliable tow truck company is to safely transport the vehicles from one location to another. This becomes even more important when transporting classic cars. We are an established tow truck company that has been providing vehicle transport of classic cars in Lakeridge for a long time. We are the ideal tow truck company to choose for that purpose as we have:

  • Trained and experienced towing crew
  • Sturdy towing trucks
  • Up to date equipment

We are a full-service tow truck company serving Lakeridge that is adept at transporting and towing antique cars. If you are worried about the cost of classic car transport, know that we provide our services reasonably. You can get an estimate of our tow truck services prior to using our services.

Lakeridge Towing Truck


There might be several companies offering vehicle transport but not all may have the specialized towing trucks for carrying classic cars in Lakeridge. To ensure that you are getting the best towing trucks for the vehicle transport of your classic car, you need to do your research. You should choose our towing trucks in Lakeridge to transport your classic cars as we:

  • Are experienced
  • Have skilled workforce
  • Offer affordable pricing
  • Provide value added service

We have a fleet of special towing trucks for towing classic cars. We assure you of timely transport of your vehicle as scheduled.

If you have any requirements of vehicle transport of your classic car and you want the assistance of a professional tow truck company that caters to Lakeridge, call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869.