Lakeridge Car or Truck Impounding


Worried about how you handle car or truck impounding? We are there to help you! ABC Towing offers24/7 car or truck impounding support in the Lakeridge area. We have a team of licensed and well-trained tow truck operators who ensure car safety while impounding the vehicle. Be it a new car or truck, an abandoned car, we offer reasonable towing services as well.

Along with providing exceptional heavy-duty car or truck impounding services, we also assist in:

  • Gas delivery
  • Tire changes
  • Jumpstarts
  • Lockouts

Our car or truck impounding services are done by a trained workforce who have several years of car or truck impounding service experience rolled up their sleeves. If you have vehicles obstructing your property, please call us immediately.

Lakeridge Vehicle Impounding


We are a trusted name for vehicle impounding in the Lakeridge area. Licensed and certified, we can send a tow truck to handle impounds for abandoned vehicles. Whether it's a car that is parked underground, a trailer that is illegally parked or even abandoned vehicles, we provide professional vehicle impounding. We also provide vehicle impounding for:

  • Vehicles parked in a fire zone or handicap zone
  • Cars abandoned on public streets
  • Commercial property owners
  • Cars or trucks blocking driveways

We work with police authorities and ensure fast and dependable vehicle impounding services in Lakeridge and nearby areas. We ensure timely vehicle impounding and strive to make your life a little easier for you. Call us when you need us and make use of our impounding services today.

Lakeridge Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles


We have the right towing service vehicle ready for Lakeridge impounds for abandoned vehicles. Our fleet of trucks offers a full range of state-of-the-art impounds for abandoned vehicles. Our team of service operators is professional, well trained, and responsible. We also provide:

  • Safe and professional towing
  • Tow beds for larger vehicles
  • Storage space for vehicles

The impounded vehicle can be stored in our garage for one month. For us, customer satisfaction is a must and we have emergency staff on stand-by 24-hours every day. Our drivers hold years of experience and are trained to carry out impounds for abandoned vehicles and make sure no stone is left unturned when providing impounds for abandoned vehicles.

For car or truck impounding by ABC Towing, call at (206) 682-2869. We provide vehicle impounding service for different violations, including impounds for abandoned vehicles in the Lakeridge area.