U Village Junk Car Removal


Call ABC Towing for car towing services in U Village, WA if you want an old, junk car removed from your property. Such vehicles are a big liability as they:

  • Detract from the exterior appeal of the property
  • Waste parking area
  • Can cause injury to passers-by
  • May attract vandals or vagrants

Our affordable towing services for junk car removal are an excellent solution for getting rid of this nuisance. We have been meeting the needs of all types of car towing services in this area since 1982 and are experienced in handling junk car removal jobs.

We make sure that any junk vehicle pickup is handled in a quick, efficient, safe and economical manner. While charging affordable towing rates, our junk car removal from U Village properties is done by licensed, well-trained and experienced tow operators.

U Village Affordable Towing


Our company offers affordable towing services in U Village including the removal of abandoned vehicles. We can help individuals and agencies deal with any car, truck, SUV, van or motorcycle left abandoned for a long time, unclaimed by their owners.

A large number of customers that have benefitted from our car towing services for abandoned vehicles. They include:

  • Home and business owners
  • HOAs
  • Property managers
  • Municipalities

Are you wondering what to do with the one or more vehicles that have been left in your residential or commercial parking lot? Relax! We can help remove these vehicles quickly and at extremely affordable towing prices.

U Village Car Towing Services


At our family owned and operated tow truck company, we appreciate that having rusted, abandoned, unknown or discarded vehicles on your property nuisances. We are committed to providing you with highly professional car towing services in U Village that remove these nuisances and afford you the peace of mind you deserve.

You can depend on us to have the abandoned vehicle or junk car removal done:

  • Per all local laws and regulations
  • With fast, smooth, hassle-free car towing services
  • Without any or additional damage to the vehicle

It helps that we fully licensed, insured and bonded to provide car towing services in the community. We offer quality towing services, excellent customer service coupled with affordable pricing to all our customers.

Call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869 to receive the best towing services for abandoned or junk car removal in the U Village area.