U Village Private Property Impounds


Since 1982, ABC Towing has been the trusted expert to call for private property impounds in the U Village, WA area. Sometimes, inconsiderate vehicle owners can leave their automobiles parked without permission on private property and can hinder family life or business. We offer private impounds to help out property owners caught in such situations.

Our services for vehicle impoundment are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond promptly to your call for private property impounds in U Village and inspect your place for proper signage before towing the improperly-parked vehicle. Our private property impounds are done:

  • Swiftly
  • Efficiently and safely
  • According to local and state laws

We store the impounded vehicles for up to 30 days.

U Village Private Property Towing


We cater to a diverse clientele for private property towing services in the U Village area. Our company can be called for private property impounds from:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Parking lots of malls, restaurants, and other commercial properties
  • Driveways of residential properties
  • Schools
  • Public places

We also provide private property towing services for hauling off vehicles parked in the handicap or fire zones. We are equipped for towing all types of vehicles, be it cars, vans, motorcycles, or trucks.

The tow operators we employ are highly trained and experienced professionals. We provide them with well-maintained and powerful tow trucks that are fitted with cutting-edge towing equipment.

U Village Towing


When it comes to private property impounds, the services offered by our towing company are second to none. We combine speed with seamlessness, professionalism, and economy while delivering private property towing services to U Village residents.

Our focus is on providing a quick solution to the problems faced by our clients due to unauthorized vehicle parking on their private property. At the same time, we take care that our speedy service does not come at the cost of quality. That is why we have the private property towing jobs handled by proven pros. Our technicians:

  • Reach the job site ASAP
  • Get down to the job immediately and work without delay
  • Are well-mannered throughout the job
  • Provide an incident-free job

We keep the private property towing costs to the minimum to further assure our customers of a pleasant experience with us.

Look no further than ABC Towing when you need private property towing services in U Village. Call us at (206) 682-2869 for private property impounds.