West Seattle Private Property Impounds


It is common to see a vehicle improperly parked or abandoned in front of a private property, leading to a lot of inconvenience for the property owner. If you are facing this problem repeatedly then hiring private property impounds services is the best and long term solution in the West Seattle area.

If you require the assistance of a credible private property impounds in West Seattle which understands your needs and can deliver the services whenever required, then ABC Towing should be your first choice. At ABC Towing we provide private property impounds for the residents of West Seattle and make sure that they can live a hassle free and convenient life.

West Seattle Private Property Towing


We at ABC Towing have been providing solutions to the parking problems faced by a lot of clients in and around West Seattle area for many years, and have earned a commendable reputation with our steadfast and timely services. Our clients recognize us for providing efficient private property towing services in West Seattle matched to their needs.

Our workforce also includes dedicated individuals, always ready to serve our clients with the utmost professionalism and concern.

Apart from being fully equipped with the latest equipment, we also keep our workforce updated with local laws pertaining to private property towing in West Seattle. Complying with local rules and regulations is crucial to ensure that the towing process is carried out safely and in accordance with the law. Not paying attention to this crucial aspect can lead to inconvenience and severe problems in the long run.

West Seattle Towing


Improperly parked vehicles can add to the problems of property owners who are already facing the parking issues. ABC Towing is your one stop shop to get towing services of finest quality. There are plenty of reasons which make us the first choice of West Seattle residents to free their property from unwanted vehicles, such as:

  • Fast and timely response
  • Well maintained tow vehicles
  • Proficient and experienced workforce

Even if you car has broken down in the middle of the road, or you are facing problems like a lockout or a flat tire, you can hire our towing services and reach your destination safely. Our tow vehicles are dispatched as soon as you inform us about your situation, to ensure that help will be around in the minimal possible time whenever you need it in the West Seattle area.

Give us a call at (206) 682-2869 to know more about ABC Towing and how we can make your life hassle free with our fast and efficient service.