South Seattle Towing Service


When you find yourself in an emergency situation and in need of tow service, it’s important to know which tow truck service to call. ABC Towing is one of the best tow services in the South Seattle, WA area. We have been recognized as a reliable towing service forSouth Seattle since 1982.

The dedicated employees on our towing service team ensure that you will get the tow service you need, anywhere in the South Seattle area. Accidents and roadside surprises which require a towing service don’t come with a warning. So it’s wise to have the name of your tow truck service on hand before those situations occur and you need tow service.

When you call us for tow service, you can be sure that we will send out a team of towing service experts and top-of-the-line equipment, which makes us both a reliable and efficient towing service.

  • Towing service available 24/7, ready to help anywhere in the South Seattle area
  • Friendly team of tow service experts, sure to alleviate your stress
  • Our tow truck service fleet is maintained at peak performance, and will never fail you
  • Tow service experts get your damaged vehicle back on the road

South Seattle Tow Truck Service


Stuck on the side of the road in South Seattle? We all will need a tow service one day. In each situation, you need a trustworthy tow truck service to get you out of a jam. Give us a call, and our tow truck service will get you back on the road quickly and efficiently. We areknown as a renowned towing service in the South Seattle area.

  • In the largerSouth Seattle area, our tow truck service is just a phone call away
  • Our towing service is guaranteed to arrive within 30 minutes
  • Fully equipped towing service for any emergency
  • Excellent tow truck service

South Seattle Tow Service


At ABC Towing, we have been providing 24/7 tow truck service in South Seattle since 1982. In the event that you are locked out of your car, stranded with a vehicle that won’t work, or your car has been impounded, nothing is more important than a good towing service. The value of a good tow truck service cannot be overestimated. Whatever your emergency situation, our first priority is to meet your tow service needs with tow truck service you can depend on.

  • 24/7 towing service in the larger South Seattle area
  • Tow service experts to meet your every need
  • Fast and reliable tow service in South Seattle you can count on