West Seattle Auto Transport


Your RV is your home away from home in West Seattle. Whatever your needs, ABC Towing in the West Seattle, WA area has RV towing, motorhome towing and auto transport services that will surely match your preference. Our Super Class B auto transport and motorhome towing services are some of the best in the area.

West Seattle residents have many vehicle options at their fingertips. These options range from vacation auto transport in a camper van or conversion van, to fifth-wheel RV towing, to motorhome towing. Any of these options can provide the auto transport that West Seattle residents need to accommodate their vacation plans. We can help with:

  • RV towing
  • Motorhome towing
  • All West Seattle vacation auto transport services

West Seattle RV Towing


You will appreciate the convenience of RV towing for auto transport when you need to run an errand in your car. You do not have to drag along your fifth wheel RV. You can just unhitch the car from its RV towing position, and off you go!

This auto transport option offers better gas mileage than taking your RV with you everywhere you go. It can also be used in transporting a vehicle fleet. If you are a motorcycle dealer, or simply transporting your construction/farm/heavy equipment, RV towing is for you.

Mobility is the most important feature of RV towing over motorhome towing. RV towing gives West Seattle residents ample space to move about or to store their belongings. Some of our auto transport options for RV towing in West Seattle are:

  • Fifth wheel RV towing
  • Travel or towed trailer
  • Automobile towing

West Seattle Motorhome Towing


One advantage of motorhome towing over RV towing is these vehicles’ capability to tow boats and jet skis. Due to limited space, motorhome towing is the best choice for short trips and for smaller groups. The size vehicle you need for motorhome towing is customizable to meet your motorhome towing needs.

Have you sold your vehicle to someone outside West Seattle and have no time to drive it there? Let our team take care of your auto transport with our motorhome towing!

Are you moving within West Seattle? We can get you there! We offer motorhome towing for small families who are moving out. Our auto transport and RV towing services for West Seattle include:

  • Boats and jet skis
  • Short trips and vacations
  • Personal vehicle transfer
  • Moving services

For all these reasons, don’t forget to call ABC Towing for all your West Seattle auto transport needs.