Seattle Car or Truck Impounding


ABC Towing offers specialized services for car or truck impounding in the Seattle, WA area. Get in touch with us if you are a property owner or manager who is dealing with a vehicle that has been left unlawfully on your property without your permission. We can send out our tow truck for vehicle impounding.

Our Seattle car or truck impounding services are available for hauling away all kinds of vehicles. We serve a diverse clientele and can be hired for:

  • Car impounds
  • Truck impounds
  • Private property impounds
  • Commercial impounds

No matter when or why you call us for Seattle car or truck impounding, we dispatch our towing team quickly. We send technicians with experience in Seattle car or truck impounding to ensure seamless jobs.

Call ABC Towing for Seattle car or truck impounding services!

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Seattle Vehicle Impounding


We are committed to providing the most efficient and professional services for Seattle vehicle impounding. There are certain laws that dictate how car or truck impounding should be carried out.

Our towing company entrusts the Seattle vehicle impounding jobs to technicians who are well-versed in these codes and regulations. We see to it that the Seattle vehicle impounding is done following a legally accurate procedure and our customer does not end up getting penalized.

When you call us for Seattle vehicle impounding services, we inspect your property for proper signage before taking away the concerned vehicle. Our services of vehicle impounds can be requested for the following reasons:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Traffic violations
  • Illegal parking
  • DUI stops

Seattle Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles


Seattle impounds for abandoned vehicles are necessary as such vehicles are a safety hazard and an eyesore. Our services are sought quite often for the removal or impounds for abandoned vehicles.

Our Seattle impounds for abandoned vehicles restore the peace of mind of the property owners who are stressed about the car or truck that stands forsaken by its owner in their parking lot or outside their home. We strive for quick and efficient Seattle impounds for abandoned vehicles.

Those who hire us for Seattle impounds for abandoned vehicles can rest assured that the job is in the right hands. Contact us if there is a deserted vehicle on your property that should be moved to a:

  • Impound lot
  • Tow yard
  • Impound yard
  • Tow lot

ABC Towing is the #1 choice for carrying out Seattle impounds for abandoned vehicles!

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