Private Property Impounds for Seattle


With parking becoming a nationwide problem, it can become difficult to avoid people parking their vehicles in front of your private property. These vehicles can block your passage or garage and cause you inconvenience, and such vehicles can also affect the appearance of your property. By hiring private property impounds, Seattle private property owners can save themselves from these and a lot of other hassles.

ABC Towing is a well established name providing efficient services all over the Seattle area. As a property owner you have the right to safeguard your property and by opting for the services of private property impounds Seattle residents can assure that there will be no more hassles caused by improperly parked vehicles.

Besides private property impounds, our services can be hired in case you require roadside assistance. We ensure to reach you on time and provide you complete assistance to make it easier to deal with issues like jumpstarts, lockouts, tire changes etc.

Private Property Towing Services


Private property towing services are becoming quite popular these days and can be hired to remove improperly parked or abandoned vehicles, which not only cause inconvenience but can prove risky as well. Timely removal of such vehicles is essential for maintaining the appearance and safety of your property.

  • Operating in your local area
  • Certified and licensed
  • Aware of the local laws and regulations
  • Easily accessible when required

We are capable of meeting your towing needs and can ensure your peace of mind and convenience by helping you get rid of vehicles improperly parked on your property or causing you inconvenience of any kind.

Towing Vehicles from Private Property Seattle


If you are looking for a credible company providing towing services in Seattle, we can legally remove the unauthorized vehicles parked in your private property. We have just the right solutions to all your parking problems as we are equipped with the best equipments to handle vehicles of varied sizes.

If you require a reliable and efficient towing company to ensure that your vehicle will be towed in a safe manner, ABC Towing in Seattle is a name you can completely rely upon to deliver top quality towing services in a credible and timely manner.

Feel free to give us a call at 206-457-2530 and get timely solution for your parking problems.