Seattle Private Property Impounds


ABC Towing is the name to rely on for private property impounds in the Seattle, WA area. People often face the problem of unauthorized vehicles parked in front of their private property. Though this may happen due to shortage of proper public parking space, the property owners have to suffer inconvenience due to no fault of theirs.

We perform Seattle private property impounds to help them out. All those who are hassled or stressed with vehicles parking unlawfully on their lot by strangers can call our company for Seattle private property impounds. We handle private property towing jobs as diligently as the regular ones.

Contact us if you wish to safeguard your property by bringing us in for Seattle private property impounds. We assure you of thoroughly professional:

  • Private impounds
  • Vehicle impounding
  • Car impounds
  • Truck impounding

Call ABC Towing for quick and well-organized Seattle private property impounds!

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Seattle Private Property Towing


It is advisable to hire a long-standing, experienced company like ours for Seattle private property towing to remove improperly parked or abandoned vehicles. Opting for private property impounds in such cases is essential for your peace of mind.

Besides eliminating a major source of inconvenience, our Seattle private property towing services also remove a potential safety hazard. Moreover, timely removal of such vehicles through our expert Seattle private property towing service restores the curb appeal of your property.

We send skilled crew with a state-of-the-art vehicle to perform your Seattle private property towing job. We are committed to delivering top-notch services to those who call us for:

  • Private property impound towing
  • Private impound towing
  • Towing cars from private property
  • Getting a car towed off private property

Call ABC Towing for efficient and safe Seattle private property towing services!

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Seattle Towing


Our Seattle towing company carries out private property impounds as per the relevant local laws. Our Seattle towing company works along a legally compliant procedure to ensure that none of the parties ends up with a grievance.

The knowledgeable technicians we send out to such Seattle towing jobs work only after confirming that the impounding is permissible. We ensure that the vehicle is not damaged during the Seattle towing process and leave behind proper vehicle recovery instructions for the owner.

Contact us for:

  • Reputable tow company
  • Trained tow truck operators
  • 24 hour tow truck service
  • Hassle-free impound tow service

Call ABC Towing for Seattle towing experts to remove an illegally parked, abandoned, or junk vehicle from your property!

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