Federal Way Flatbed Towing


A flatbed tow truck is an efficient way to move disabled vehicles and industrial equipment in Federal Way, WA. A flatbed towing service is what people opt for when they realize the need to transport large shipments. As your vehicle lies flat on a flatbed tow truck, flatbed towing offers the following benefits:

  • Flatbed towing is safe
  • Flatbed towing does not leave the front wheels of your automobile hanging
  • The risk of transmission damage is lower with flatbed towing
  • Flatbed towing does not damage the bumper
  • Flatbed towing is harmless for your Federal Way vehicles

ABC Towing has been providing flatbed towing in Federal Way since 1982. The flatbed towing service that we provide is not limited to cars. Our flatbed tow truck move strucks, motor homes, and air plane parts as well. Thus, our flatbed tow truck is a reliable way to move your vehicles in Federal Way.

If you require a flatbed towing service in Federal Way, choose us as your flatbed towing experts. Our Federal Way skilled flatbed tow truck operators offer quality flatbed towing service.

Federal Way Flatbed Tow Truck


A flatbed tow truck safely places your equipment on a flatbed, thus contributing towards the safe transport of goods. A flatbed tow truck is, thus, a perfect way to transport goods and vehicles in Federal Way.

Being one of the trusted flatbed towing specialists for Federal Way, we offer premium flatbed towing service. Using a flatbed tow truck, we ensure the protected shipping of goods. Besides:

  • Our flatbed tow truck operators are reliable
  • We employ trained flatbed tow truck drivers
  • The large bed of our flatbed tow truck allows the loading of large shipments
  • Our flatbed tow truck transports all types of vehicles and goods
  • We are trusted flatbed towing professionals

Federal Way Flatbed Towing Service


The need for flatbed towing service is inevitable in Federal Way. You need to rely on Federal Way area flatbed towing experts when planning to transfer goods or automobiles.

To get excellent flatbed towing service in Federal Way, count on our flatbed towing staff. Choosing us for flatbed towing service, you can expect:

  • Licensed flatbed towing service
  • Immediate flatbed towing service
  • Affordable flatbed towing service
  • Professional help
  • Well-equipped tow trucks

Federal Way residents can call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869 to get flatbed towing service with a difference.