Federal Way Emergency Towing


ABC Towing is a tow truck and roadside assistance company that is family owned and operated since 1992. We are here to help our Federal Way clients with emergency towing any hour of the day or night. All of our tow truck drivers respect your time, and will do everything possible to provide the services you need when you need them – as quickly as possible.

There are several reasons that Federal Way residents require emergency towing, some of which:

  • Your automobile is no longer drivable as a result of a collision
  • A vehicle has been abandoned in a retail or commercial parking lot
  • Unauthorized use of handicap parking

We realize that when a crisis occurs, Federal Way car owners need assistance fast. With our fleet of 12 fully-equipped and fully-maintained tow trucks ready to be dispatched, we're able to provide the assistance you need when and where you need it in Federal Way!

Federal Way Emergency Tow Service


If you have ever run out of gas or have accidently locked your keys in your car, then you understand what a pain it is, especially during rush hour traffic in Federal Way. We cannot stop it from occurring, but we can help Federal Waydriversget back on the road with our tow truck service and roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance options are also available in our tow truck services for Federal Way residents. All of these tow services are part of our commitment to help make it easy on the Federal Way driver in the time of need.

  • Did you out of gas? We offer fuel delivery!
  • Did your battery go dead? We offer jumpstarts!
  • Did you get stuck in a ditch? We offer winching!
  • Did you get a flat tire? We offer tire changes!

With our expert roadside support and emergency tow service, Federal Way residents can feel safe understanding that help is available when it is needed. With ourqualified, skilled and seasoned tow truck operators, we are prepared to get the job done to get you back on the road.

Federal Way Tow Truck Services


ABC Towing providesemergency tow service and any one of our roadside support night or day. With 24/7 support, if an emergency occurs, Federal Wayresidents can depend on us to be there.

Don't allow the flat tire, dead battery or broken vehicle to create more stress than you have. Just call the professionals at ABC Towing!