Alki Flatbed Towing


At ABC Towing, we have experienced flatbed towing professionals who are fully trained to offer services related to flatbed towing. Our Alki, WA clients can get experienced flatbed towing service at affordable prices.The flatbed towing service professionals of our company have used a flatbed tow truck for moving:

  • Exotic cars
  • Industrial equipment
  • RV’s
  • Airplane parts

Services related to flatbed towing can help you to tow your vehicle in a better manner. Our flatbed towing professionals serving the Alki region specializes in moving various equipment using a flatbed tow truck and thus offers reliable flatbed towing service.

Alki Flatbed Tow Truck


Our flatbed towing professionals strive to work in the best interest of our clients and thus ensure that each and every need of our Alki clients regarding flatbed towing service and a flatbed tow truck is met on time. Our flatbed tow truck experts guarantee fast flatbed towing service, which has made us reliable flatbed towing experts in Alki.

Flatbed towing is one of the best methods to move your vehicle if it is met with an accident. Some of the benefits that Alki residents can enjoy by hiring our flatbed towing service or flatbed towing professionals are:

  • Reasonably priced flatbed towing service
  • Full time flatbed towing service
  • Fully licensed flatbed tow truck experts
  • Efficient and customer friendly flatbed towing professionals

So whenever your Alki vehicle runs out of gas or you need to tow your vehicle from anywhere in Alki, give us a call and our flatbed towing experts would be there to help you.

Alki Flatbed Towing Service


Our flatbed towering professionals serving the Alki area meet all the requirements of our clients. We have a fully equipped flatbed tow truck fleet that offers effective flatbed towing service to our Alki customers.

Our flatbed tow truck fleet has been designed to offer effective flatbed towing service to Alki vehicle owners. Our high quality flatbed towing service includes:

  • A fully equipped flatbed tow truck
  • Well trained flatbed tow truck operators
  • Knowledgeable flatbed towing experts

So if you reside in Alki and want reliable, efficient and excellent flatbed towing service, get in touch with the flatbed tow truck professionals at ABC Towing. Alki residents can call (206) 682-2869 to talk to our flatbed towing specialists. We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to serve!