Alki Used Cars

Buy Alki used cars in WA near 98116

Are you looking to buy used cars at a reasonable price in Alki, WA? ABC Towing is a locally owned, family-operated business that has conducted Alki used cars auctions for many years.

If you plan to buy Alki used cars, we suggest you look at our inventory and bid on the car of your choice. We follow strict rules and regulations while conducting our auction to maintain order and avoid vehicle damage. We will update you about the Alki used cars auction time and date on our website, so check it out.

Come to our Alki used cars auction, and we will offer the following:

  • Cheap used cars
  • BMW used cars
  • Audi used cars
  • Abandoned vehicle auction
  • Toyota used cars

Call ABC Towing and we will provide Alki used cars for sale.

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Alki Car Auctions

Bid at our Alki car auctions in WA near 98116

At our Alki car auctions, you can bid on a range of vehicles, including damaged, repairable, and used cars. All bidders attending our auction should have valid driver’s licenses and a bidder number. A sum of $100 should be deposited to obtain the bidder number.

Attend one of our Alki car auctions, and you can take home a vehicle that can be remodeled or repaired to your liking.

Our Alki car auctions are open to the public, so you can bid on your favorite cars just like the dealers. We ensure that our auction proceedings are carried out without any interference. All bidders present in the auction must be above the age of 16, and any violation of the rules will ban the bidder from future Alki car auctions.

We can help you with:

  • Vehicle auctions
  • Public car auction
  • Police car auctions
  • Online car auctions

Call ABC Towing, and get to know more about our Alki car auctions now!

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Alki Car Auction

Leading Alki car auction in WA near 98116

With our Alki car auction, we are giving you a chance to look through satisfactory and clean used cars. We will sell nothing short of adequate cars because we believe in providing good value for money items. You can choose a car from our Alki car auction for your private or business use.

Getting an older car from a dealer may not be reliable because the chances of fraud are higher. It would be wise to visit our Alki car auction and bid on a car that meets your requirements. Contact our company, and we will let you know about the details of our upcoming Alki car auction.

We handle:

  • Unclaimed vehicles
  • Cheap cars
  • Cheap cars for sale
  • Abandoned vehicles

Call ABC Towing for one of the best Alki car auction options in the area.

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