Wallingford Car or Truck Impounding


Do you have any vehicle parked without permission or without a permit in your parking lot? Has someone deserted their vehicle on your property? If so, then it is time to call ABC Towing for vehicle impounding services.

Founded in 1982, our towing company is the most trusted name for car or truck impounding in the Wallingford, WA area. We can be brought in to handle impounds of abandoned vehicles and unlawfully parked automobiles that:

  • Harm your business by reducing space for your own customers
  • Restrict rightful use of handicap zones or fire zones
  • Are an eyesore and harm the curb appeal

Our company has vast experience in vehicle impounding. We make sure that all car or truck impounding jobs in Wallingford are completed in a professional and legally compliant manner. Our technicians check for proper signage before the impound. After car or truck impounding, they leave behind information about where it can be found for the vehicle owner.

Wallingford Vehicle Impounding


It is always advisable to hire the services of a licensed, competent, experienced and dependable company for vehicle impounding from your Wallingford property. Even though the vehicle is not yours, its inefficient or improper impoundment can get your penalized.

Let us take care of your car or truck impounding needs. To make sure of highly efficient, professional and hassle-free vehicle impounding, we:

  • Send trained, knowledgeable and certified technicians
  • Use powerful tow trucks, big enough to haul the vehicle
  • Work carefully to protect the impounded vehicle from damage

Whether we make impounds for abandoned vehicles or wrongly parked ones, we ensure the 100% satisfaction of our client as well as the vehicle owner with our services. After car or truck impounding, we can keep the vehicle in our impound lot for 30 days. During the time, the owner can redeem it upon paying the car impound fees.

Wallingford Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles


Our services are sought quite often for making impounds for abandoned vehicles in Wallingford. Businesses or apartment complexes that are burdened with a junked, stolen and stripped, or otherwise deserted vehicle in their parking lot can call us for vehicle impounding to get rid of the nuisance.

Through impounds for abandoned vehicles, we restore the peace of mind of our clients, giving them back the wasted parking space and full control over their property. We take care that impounds for abandoned vehicles are made:

  • Quickly
  • Lawfully
  • Carefully and safely

Turn to ABC Towing for vehicle impounding service in Wallingford. Call (206) 682-2869.