Wallingford Auto Transport


When your RV or motorhome breaks down in Wallingford, WA and leaves you helpless, you need auto transport service from a tow truck company having capabilities for hauling heavy vehicles. You need to call ABC Towing for auto transport assistance in Wallingford.

Since 1982, our family owned and operated tow company has offered specialized services for RV towing. We are licensed to provide auto transport services in Wallingford to tow Super Class B and smaller vehicles.

Our company is committed to minimizing damage and stress of our clients while meeting their motorhome towing needs. That is why we make sure to respond to calls for heavy auto transport service in Wallingford:

  • Promptly
  • In a professional, but friendly and reassuring manner
  • With suitable towing equipment and personnel

Wallingford RV Towing


You cannot turn to just any auto transport service provider when you need RV towing in the Wallingford area. The size and shape of the vehicle make motorhome towing a lot different and tougher than hauling cars and SUVs.

We appreciate the difficulties that the job entails. We use all our skills, experience and resources to deliver safe, damage-free RV towing services in Wallingford. Our company has established itself as a dependable motorhome towing expert by:

  • Employing licensed, well-trained, hard-working and sincere tow operators
  • Maintaining tow trucks specifically outfitted for hauling RVs
  • Focusing relentlessly on completing the job without even a slight oversight

No matter how challenging RV towing job Wallingford brings our way, we are confident of getting it done flawlessly.

Wallingford Motorhome Towing


The last thing a motorhome owner needs when the vehicle gets stalled in the middle of nowhere is slow and unprofessional auto transport service. That is why you should call us when you need motorhome towing services in the Wallingford area.

Being a customer-friendly RV towing specialist, we empathize with your situation and strive to get you moving as fast as possible. We offer 24/7 motorhome towing services in Wallingford and can come to your aid any time you need us. Our technicians can be trusted to:

  • Be polite and address your concerns patiently
  • Work expertly, without any dilly-dallying
  • Keep your RV protected from further damage during the tow

WE charge fair and competitive prices for motorhome towing in the Wallingford area.

Need quick, expert and affordable RV towing services in Wallingford? Call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869.