Boulevard Park Vehicle Transport


If you are here because you are searching for towing truck professionals in or around Boulevard Park, WA offering services for specialty vehicle transport, you are at the right place! ABC Towing is a fully licensed tow truck company having the specialized experience and capabilities for towing classic cars.

We offer classic vehicle transport services for Boulevard Park residents to meet diverse needs. You can call us to move your classic car to:

  • The venue of a car show
  • An auto repair or bodywork shop
  • Your home from a car show or automotive facility
  • A new place that you are moving to

Boulevard Park Tow Truck Company


When you need a tow truck company in the Boulevard Park area that can be trusted to transport your classic car safely, look no further than us. We believe that every vehicle transport job, even the one involving a small everyday car, must be completed efficiently and without any incident.

Still, we appreciate the additional focus on safety while transporting and towing antique cars or classic cars since these are not just vehicles but valuable collectibles.

Therefore, while offering vehicle transport in Boulevard Park for classic cars, our tow truck company makes sure that its towing truck operators work diligently and:

  • Load and unload the car safely
  • Strap the car securely atop the tow truck
  • Drive within the speed limits
  • Avoid potholes
  • Are extra attentive around sharp bends in the road

Boulevard Park Towing Truck


Vehicles are typically the second biggest investment for most people. And, its value goes notches higher if it is a vintage or classic car. That is because, besides the monetary worth, classic cars have an emotional value for their owners.

Naturally, when you call our tow truck company to move your classic car you expect our towing truck professionals to treat it right. This is precisely what happens! The technicians we send to meet your towing truck requirements in Boulevard Park:

  • Respect your investment
  • Are committed to keeping your asset protected
  • Care for it as if it was their own car

The care with which our towing truck experts handle your classic car during the entire vehicle transport process is second only to the passion you have for your cherished automobile.

ABC Towing is the tow truck company Boulevard Park residents have trusted since 1982 for safe transportation of their classic cars. Call (206) 682-2869 to schedule our tow truck services.