White Center Private Property Impounds


Do you have unwanted, abandoned vehicles on your property? Illegally parked and/or abandoned vehicles can create an unsafe, cluttered parking area, causing a great deal of inconvenience to property owners.

ABC Towing would like to assist you with these issues by providing private property impounds. We take private property impounds very seriously. Our goal is to provide timely, reliable, damage-free private property impounds to White Center, WA residents. When you choose us for private property impounds, you choose:

  • Quick responses
  • 24/7 availability
  • Safety-conscious drivers

White Center Private Property Towing


Do you own a private parking lot? Are you frustrated with the level of unauthorized parking you have to deal with? We offer a professional private property towing service to White Center residents.

There are more and more cars on the roads today, and one of the biggest problems with such a large number of vehicles is insufficient parking. Sometimes, vehicle owners park in spaces where they know they should not. This unauthorized parking can be very frustrating to property owners and building managers.

If people are taking advantage of your private commercial parking or residential parking, our private property towing services can help you deal with it. Our private property towing service will tow a vehicle from your private property that is unauthorized to be there. Our private property towing services help White Center residents:

  • Control illegal parking issues
  • Keep fire lanes clear
  • Remove abandoned vehicles from their property

White Center Towing


With our private property towing services, we help White Center residents keep their property clear of nuisance vehicles that can affect their business, residents, or guests. We create customized towing solutions to suit your unique needs and put you back in control.

When you contact us for private impounds, you contact a punctual, trustworthy, and competent service. We only hire drivers that have undergone a rigorous training process and show genuine concern for our customers. So, the next time you have to deal with an abandoned, unauthorized, or illegally parked vehicle on your private lot, give our towing service a call.

We can help you maintain a safe and orderly parking area through our professional private property towing service. You should choose our towing service because we:

  • Have a huge commercial client base
  • Tow cars, trucks, vans
  • Work with local police

For private property impounds in the White Center area, do not hesitate to call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869. We are available 24/7.