SoDo Locked Keys in Car


Have you mistakenly left the car keys inside the car and now you are locked out? This is a common problem faced by several car owners, especially with those that have automatic ignition. If you too have landed in a similar situation, take the help of an expert auto locksmith to get back in the vehicle.

Trust ABC Towing to be your car locksmith when you have locked keys in the car in the SoDo, WA area. Being an experienced auto locksmith, we are well versed with the predicament that is faced when you have locked keys in the car. However, as we are experts in dealing with the situation, we can get your locked keys in the car, unlocked very quickly regardless of the following:

  • Type of car model
  • Time of the day
  • Car alarm

Our locked keys in the car service, enables you to get into your car quickly because we respond and act quickly. We send in our expert car locksmith to open the lock using the best and the most appropriate tools.

SoDo Car Locksmith


When you have locked keys in car without a spare key outside, first of all, you panic. You never expect yourself to make such a mistake, but now that it has happened, you must call in an experienced car locksmith immediately.

Rely on us to be your car locksmith around SoDo as we are an established company and offer round the clock roadside assistance services. As an established car locksmith, we have an array of tools that we use to deal with locked keys in car situations. Some of these tools are:

  • Pump wedge
  • Jiffy Jack
  • Lock picks
  • Long reaching tools

Our car locksmith will not damage your vehicle in any way when trying to open the locked door.

SoDo Auto Locksmith


Most cars today come with electronic locking systems that pose a problem opening them without keys. However, we are professional auto locksmiths and we know all about the alarm systems and how to disarm them.

Count on us to be your auto locksmith around SoDo as we use our expertise to unlock the cars. Some more reasons why you must take our auto locksmith services in SoDo include:

  • Quick response and action
  • Towing facility available
  • Competitive pricing

Trust us to be your auto locksmith as we have adequate experience of opening up cars of all types and models and retrieving the keys.

Call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869 when you have locked keys in the car in SoDo.