Tukwila Flatbed Towing


ABC Towing has been operating as flatbed towing experts in Tukwila, WA since 1982. Employing trained flatbed tow truck operators, we aim at delivering quality flatbed towing service to our Tukwila clients. We use a flatbed tow truck to transport all types of vehicles and large shipments.

Flatbed towing is a necessity when you need to move your disabled vehicle. Unlike conventional towing, flatbed towing offers a secured means of transferring goods and automobiles. Other advantages of flatbed towing include:

  • Flatbed towing allows for damage-free transportation
  • Flatbed towing does not require adjustments in the vehicle’s power train
  • Flatbed towing is perfect for vintage and luxury cars
  • Flatbed towing prevents harm to your goods or vehicles
  • Flatbed towing is safe being transported long-distances in Tukwila

When seeking flatbed towing service in Tukwila, choose us as your flatbed towing specialists. You are sure to get excellent flatbed towing service from us.

Tukwila Flatbed Tow Truck


A flatbed tow truck comprises of a large bed that allows for the protected transportation of goods and automobiles. Unlike other tow trucks, a flatbed tow truck is capable of loading large shipments. Thus, if your Tukwila business demands flatbed towing, ensure to look for a trusted flatbed towing service.

We make an ideal choice when it comes to getting flatbed towing service in Tukwila. Our skilled Tukwila area flatbed tow truck operators are sure to deliver reliable flatbed towing service. Moreover, our:

  • Flatbed tow truck can move bulky equipment
  • Flatbed tow truck operators are licensed to ensure trusted service
  • Flatbed tow truck is a reliable way to transport anything in Tukwila
  • Flatbed tow truck operators are deliver premium flatbed towing service
  • Flatbed tow truck operators can drive through nearly all weather

Tukwila Flatbed Towing Service


When you are stuck with a disabled vehicle or large shipments in Tukwila, a professional flatbed towing service can help you get out of this hassle. Tukwila area flatbed towing experts use a flatbed tow truck to transport your automobiles or industrial equipment.

Choose our flatbed towing service in Tukwila any time. We offer:

  • Cost-efficient flatbed towing service
  • Certified flatbed towing service
  • 24*7 flatbed towing service
  • Dedicated service
  • Smooth towing

Forflatbed tow truck service, Tukwila residents can all ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869. We look forward to serving you as we transport your vehicle or equipment.