Rainier Valley Flatbed Towing


If your car breaks down and has to be towed to a service station, a flatbed tow truck can help you by towing your vehicle without any wear or tear. With ABC towing, you can call upon flatbed towing services for your automobile 24/7 in Rainier Valley, WA. We lend you a hand for flatbed towing in Rainier Valley for all types of automobiles including, but not limited to motorcycles, motorhomes, trucks, limousines, forklifts, cars, airplane parts, industrial equipment, and much more.

Our flatbed tow truck drivers are experts in safely loading and unloading your vehicle. We are recognized in the Rainier Valley community for our excellent work. Our flatbed towing in Rainier Valley is comprised of:

  • 24/7, 365 day a year emergency flatbed tow trucks
  • Powerful and dependable flatbed tow trucks
  • Super fast flatbed towing service
  • Transparent flatbed towing service
  • Fairly priced flatbed towing services

Rainier Valley Flatbed Tow Truck


Flatbed tow trucks are the excellent choice for your prized possessions as well as for the industrial equipment. A lot of towing services use a dolly in their flatbed tow truck, but unlike flatbed tow trucks, dolly trucks pass wear and tear on to the attached equipment or vehicle and if the tow truck driver drives through a pothole, the automobile could get out of alignment. On the other hand, flatbed tow trucks are more secure and safe for towing vehicles.

Our flatbed towing Service in Rainier Valley is committed to being:

  • A flexible flatbed towing service
  • A licensed flatbed towing service
  • Fully equipped with trucks and tools for flatbed towing
  • A flatbed towing service available during the day and night
  • A flatbed towing service for automobiles and industrial equipment

Rainier Valley Flatbed Towing Service


Our business does away with the middleman and directly sends help to your location and the person will look after the exact requirement in order to provide you with the right type of a flatbed tow truck and the equipment necessary. You can call for our flatbed towing service in Rainier Valley anytime, anywhere, straight away from your smart phone. Minutes later you will avail our flatbed towing service with the help of our specialized flatbed tow trucks in Rainier Valley, WA. Our flatbed tow truck is the right choice for towing vehicles, motorcycles and industrial equipment.

The benefits of choosing our flatbed towing service for the Rainier valley include:

  • The finest flatbed towing for Rainier Valley
  • All the necessary tools in flatbed tow truck
  • Skilled flatbed towing
  • Wide-ranging familiarity on flatbed towing
  • Guaranteed quick and safe flatbed towing for the Rainier Valley

If you need ABC TowingÕs services in Rainier Valley, call at (206) 682-2869.