Des Moines Flatbed Towing


Since 1982, ABC Towing has been one of the most trusted towing companies serving Des Moines, WA. We are the one-stop shop for all kinds of tow truck requirements of the community, and this includes the need for a flatbed tow truck.

People who utilize towing services are often concerned about getting their vehicles damaged due to front-wheel lifting and dragging of vehicle on the road. Our flatbed towing service offers Des Moines residents the perfect solution to this dilemma. With this, their vehicles are towed to the desired location standing on a low flatbed tow truck.

While providing flatbed towing service in Des Moines, our technicians make sure that the vehicle is:

  • Loaded on the tow truck carefully using ramps winches
  • Secured properly to keep it in place during transportation
  • Unloaded carefully to deliver it in the exact condition we found it

Whether you need emergency or pre-planned flatbed towing services in Des Moines, we are the specialists to call.

Des Moines Flatbed Tow Truck


Besides transporting cars and motorcycles, we move industrial equipment on our flatbed tow truck in the Des Moines area. Shifting heavy equipment is one of the biggest headaches for businesses that are planning to move to another location. We eliminate this problem with our flatbed towing service.

Our large flatbed tow truck also offers Des Moines businesses the best option for unloading equipment from a loading dock and transporting it to a specified location:

  • Quickly, efficiently and reliably
  • Completely safely
  • With the least of hassles

Our flatbed tow truck operators work on all Des Moines jobs carefully, handling the equipment as if it were their own.

Des Moines Flatbed Towing Service


Nothing less than the best flatbed towing service available in the Des Moines area would do for your precious vehicle or equipment. That is why you should choose us every time you need something transported on a flatbed tow truck.

Customers are our #1 concern, their safety and satisfaction are our top-most priorities. This shows in the flatbed towing service we offer to Des Moines residents. We provide them the:

  • Convenience of 24-hour available towing service
  • Quality service from a long-standing, well-equipped tow company
  • Protection that a fully licensed towing company brings
  • Values offered by a family owned and operated business

Dial (206) 682-2869 to learn more about what makes ABC Towing one of the most dependable flatbed tow truck service providers in Des Moines.