Mercer Island Car or Truck Impounding


Need car or truck impounding services in Mercer Island, WA to deal with unauthorized users of parking lots? Want to hire proven pros for impounding vehicles that violate parking rules? Looking for a towing company that specializes in impounds for abandoned vehicles? ABC Towing can help.

We offer comprehensive services for vehicle impounding. We can be called in to impound vehicles for different violations. Our tow operators can provide car or truck impounding for:

  • Residential areas
  • Commercial properties
  • Public places

We are known for providing fast, efficient and safe services for car or truck impounding for Mercer Island properties. After the car or truck impounding, we can store the vehicle for up to 30 days. The rightful owner can recover the vehicle upon payment of the appropriate car impound fees.

Mercer Island Vehicle Impounding


Not many property owners know that improper or illegal vehicle impounding can land them in serious trouble with the authorities. It is important to hire the right professionals for wrongly parked car or truck impounding.

We are the experts to call for vehicle impounding in Mercer Island if you want the truck or car impound to be done:

  • By knowledgeable and reliable professionals
  • Following all legal procedures
  • Without making you liable for penalties
  • In a well-organized, hassle-free manner

Moreover, we are a fully licensed towing company. This fact should further help you be at ease while hiring us for vehicle impounding.

Mercer Island Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles


A vehicle that is deserted by its owner on someone else’s property is a big nuisance for that property owner. Abandoned vehicles:

  • Spoil the curb appeal
  • Take up precious parking space
  • May be stolen and become a liability
  • Could be damaged or leaking fuel and be a safety hazard

We provide impounds for abandoned vehicles in Mercer Island to restore the peace of mind of people who have deserted automobiles standing on their property. Our company is equipped to perform impounds for abandoned vehicles of all types and sizes.

Whether you need our expert services for motorcycle, car or truck impounding, we have you covered. Our towing company offers 24/7 services and can come and carry out impounds for abandoned vehicles at any time that suits the convenience of our customer.

When it comes to vehicle impounding in the Mercer Island area, the services offered by ABC Towing are second to none. Call (206) 682-2869 to arrange impounds for abandoned vehicles or wrongfully parked vehicles.