Magnolia Car or Truck Impounding


Car or truck impounding in the Magnolia, WA community is quite common. Wondering why would a car be impounded? The police would order car or truck impounding whenever they would find an abandoned car, a car parked illegally or if a person is arrested for a traffic violation.

ABC Towing assists the police in car or truck impounding in the Magnolia area. We offer other services apart from car or truck impounding. We also assist with:

  • Lockouts
  • Tire changes
  • Jumpstarts
  • Gas delivery

Our car or truck impounding services are available round the clock. We are a team of fully licensed and insured towing drivers. One of the nice things about our services is the vehicle owner is responsible for all impounding services costs.

Magnolia Vehicle Impounding


Vehicle impounding in the Magnolia area is also needed for cars that have been damaged. There are several reasons that make vehicle impounding inevitable. For instance, if you find an unknown car parked on your property, you can call for the vehicle impounding services that we offer. Give us a call and we will send a tow truck to your address and have the vehicle impounded in no time. We closely work with the police when vehicle impounding is concerned.

You can avail our vehicle impounding services if you:

  • Are a commercial property owner
  • See a truck or car blocking driveways
  • Find a car parked in a handicap zone or fire zone
  • Stumble upon an abandoned car on the streets, lanes or on your property

You can always count on us or excellent vehicle impounding services.

Magnolia Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles


We are the best impounds for abandoned vehicles in the Magnolia region. You do not only get impounds for abandoned vehicles when you call for our services but you also can get the fast and assured removal of junk cars. We are a team of well-trained people to carry out impounds for abandoned vehicles.

Our services for impounds of abandoned vehicles extends to exotic cars and motorcycles as well. The best thing about availing impounds for abandoned vehicle services is that you do not have to pay for the car impound as it would be paid by the owner of the car.

Besides impounds for abandoned vehicles, we offer:

  • Professional and safe towing
  • Storage area for impounded cars in our tow yard
  • Tow beds for bigger cars

Call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869 and get a solution from one of the best impounds for abandoned vehicles in Magnolia. Consider us your designated car or truck impounding service provider.