Fremont Car or Truck Impounding


The need to remove damaged vehicles or vehicles involved in an accident can occur at any time. But to impound a vehicle that is parked in the wrong area or is abandoned is handled differently.

ABC Towing is a reliable company providing car or truck impounding services for Fremont, WA residents and business owners. We are available round the clock with our professional team that will handle the car or truck impounding service efficiently. We provide our services:

  • Meeting all local codes and regulations
  • With the right type of equipment
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Affordably

Our professional and well-trained team ensures that the vehicle is not damaged during the car or truck impounding procedure. Car or truck impounding is a meticulous job that requires expertise and precision so no harm comes to the vehicle. Our car or truck impounding service in Fremont is offered at competitive prices in order to provide the services you need.

Fremont Vehicle Impounding


There are many reasons that vehicles need to be impounded. Sometimes they have been abandoned because they no longer work and sometimes they have been stolen.

If there is a damaged abandoned vehicle on your property, you need the services of a professional vehicle impounding company. Vehicles being impounded cannot be damaged. You do not want a fuel spill to happen because you will be responsible for the cleanup.

We are here to help you in such instances with our vehicle impounding service in Fremont. We have an experienced team that quickly reaches your destination and is available 24x7 for vehicle impounding. Apart from vehicle impounding, we also offer other services such as:

  • Help with lockouts
  • Jumpstarts
  • Gas delivery
  • Tire changes

Our service team is well experienced and provides quick help in a variety of instances.

Fremont Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles


Abandoned vehicles are a nuisance. Our impounds for abandoned vehicles in Fremont is a quick way for you to rid your property of vehicles left on your property. Our impound service works best for:

  • Illegally parked vehicles
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Emergencies
  • Damaged, abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles can affect the flow of traffic or can create a hazard on your property. We have a team well versed in the techniques of impounding that protect you and your property.

For the very best services for vehicle impounding in Fremont, call ABC Towing at (206) 682-2869. We are here to help you day or night.