Car and Truck Lockout Seattle

Locked out of your car? 


Being locked out of your vehicle makes you feel helpless. 

Most of the time drivers don’t have an extra set of keys. 

It’s easy to be rushed and forget your keys have been left in your vehicle. 

If you get locked out of your vehicle call us today. 

We’ll send a tow operator to help you. 

We use specialized tools to get into your vehicle.

Car and Truck Lockout SeaTac, Columbia City, Renton, & Tukwila WA

Don’t try to get into your vehicle.  

Jamming something in the key hole to pop the lock, won’t work. 

You may end up causing more damage. 


ABC Towing will have you inside your vehicle in 2 minutes or less. 

We provide lockout service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  It doesn’t matter if it’s rain or shine. 

Call us today, so you don’t stay stuck outside your vehicle.

  • Specialized tools to quickly unlock your vehicle
  • Quick response, so you’re not stuck outside
  • Lockouts done day or night
  • Done for all types of vehicles
  • Helpful and knowledgeable tow operators

Specialized Lockout Tools


We use a number of specialized lockout tools. 

Each helps us to get you back inside your vehicle. 

A pump wedge accesses your vehicle between your door and weather stripping. 

Another way is through lock picks. 

Other potential tools include the Jiffy –Jak. 

It opens up to 80% of vehicles it’s used on. 

Our tow operators won’t scratch or ding your vehicle. 

You must be the registered owner of the vehicle for lockout service.


  • Won’t scratch or ding your vehicle
  • Pump wedges
  • Jiffy-Jak
  • Lock picks
  • Long-reach tools

Contact ABC Towing for fast and dependable towing.